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  Media and Entertainment Overview The media and media outlet comprises film, print, radio, and TV. These portions incorporate motion pictures, TV shows, public broadcasts, news, music, papers, magazines, and books. The main 10 media and diversion organizations are TWDC Enterprises (a media combination of The Walt Disney Company), Warner Media LLC, NBCUniversal Media, Directv Group Holdings LLC, Viacom Inc., National Amusements Inc., ESPN Inc., CBS Corporation, and News Corporation. The U.S. media and media outlet offers more than $717 billion to the economy and addresses 33% of the worldwide media and media outlets. The radio and TV broadcasting industry is made up of two unique kinds of organizations. There are public help telecasters, where the financing is through open cash, and business telecasters, which are subsidized through commercial spots. Radio and TV telecasters make or potentially get content for broadcasting, like amusement, news, talk, and different projects. Numerous T